Apple HomePod Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

Apple HomePod Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

Smart speakers and voice search are quickly becoming the norm in many places all over the world. But you have to wonder here, is it a good idea to invest in a larger or a smaller device? There are many small speakers like these that can still deliver an excellent experience. So you have to wonder, is there a good idea to pick the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) or the Apple HomePod Mini as your primary smart speaker? Let’s find out.


The design is one of those things that can be very specific to a person. The Echo Dot offers more speakers for the money, and you have physical buttons for playing music, stopping it, and so on. You can tap on the HomePod, but that’s about it. Overall, the Echo Dot design seems more practical and appealing, and it definitely seems to get the job done a lot better.

Apple HomePod Mini
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HomePod Mini costs $99, whereas Echo Dot is coming in at $100 as well. So the price is pretty much identical. That means you have to focus on features and see what you are getting for the money. It’s more of a personal pick than anything else, but it’s worth it.


With the HomePod Mini, you can quickly get Siri Integration, the playback is sound, and overall it supports Apple systems very well. But it does fall short when it comes to third-party services. Those may or may not open, and the functionality is limited. Since Echo Dot has been on the market and went through multiple revisions, you do have that much-needed third party support. You can use a multi-room setup with multiple Minis and Dots; both companies deliver great value. We want Apple to create a HomePod app that would make things easier to hand. Music discovery is excellent with the Mini, but the truth is that Echo Dot delivers much better smart home integration and music services.

Sound quality

Which one of them sounds better? According to our experience, the HomePod delivers a better sound depth. It’s more engaging to listen to. Echo Dot is not bad at all; it’s very close to the HomePod, but when it comes to sound quality alone, the latter is standing out, and it’s the clear winner. Of course, this all comes down to personal preferences. Some people like music with more bass and punch, others don’t. It’s a good idea to test the sound quality and see if it matches your needs.

HomePod Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot 4: Which one is better?

As you can see, it’s a very subjective thing, based on what you like. HomePod Mini requires you to have an Apple device, so that can be restrictive. Echo Dot works with every device, and it also delivers better third party support. Sure, the sound quality is not as good as the HomePod Mini, but the Echo Dot is a clear winner if you want improved support and assistance. However, if you are in the Apple ecosystem, then the HomePod Mini is the right purchase. Otherwise, Echo Dot is the better option!

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