Galaxy Buds Pro vs AirPods Pro: Which is the best?

Apple AirPods Pro

Nowadays it’s a great idea to have a wireless set of earbuds. They are practical, you eliminate wires, and it’s just the better approach if you want to enjoy great music or calls. Galaxy Buds vs AirPods Pro is in doubt for a while. With that in mind, the AirPods Pro and the Galaxy Buds Pro, which was released on Galaxy Unpacked 2021 along with the Galaxy S21 lineup. Tend to deliver some of the best wireless audio experiences right now. These are not inexpensive, they are quite expensive, but you do end up with some great features and benefits here. In the end, you can get an amazing deal.

Galaxy Buds Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro Specifications


The design is different, based on our Galaxy Buds Pro review, it’s a whole different ball game. The AirPods are pretty much old school earphones without the wires. The Galaxy Buds Pro are comfortable, they are like small buds you place in your ear, and that’s pretty much it. Thanks to their unique approach, we found the Galaxy Buds Pro to be a lot more comfortable in the ear. So if you want something between the Samsung Airpods (Galaxy Buds Pro) and the Apple AirPods, then Samsung wins for sure.

Sealing and sound

Based on our experience with the Galaxy Buds Pro, we are very happy with the sound and sealing. You do need the right fit however; otherwise these will not sound right. There are multiple silicone tips you get to have a perfect fit, but you need to assess and ensure that you have the right fit all the time. Apple does the same, and you can get a pretty good sealing for both.

They both have 3D audio, which is something we found revolutionary and powerful in the case of both companies. The Galaxy Buds Pro has Voice Detect, which helps you turn down the volume and enable ambient mode when you talk and hear the sound of your voice. You can disable this if you want.

Battery life

The AirPods last 4.5 hours on a single charge and the case delivers an extra 24 hours. Here you have a similar thing, 4-5 hours of play and 20 hours of battery life. If you have ANC off, you go up to 8 hours and 24 hours of extra listening.


Both options have great controls. We like the versatility and ease of use provided here, and the fact that you can enable play/pause, skip tracks and so on with help from gestures. It’s great, and it just makes the experience a whole lot better. The AirPods also have this, and it’s terrific.

Galaxy Buds Pro vs AirPods Pro: Conclusion

There are many things to like when it comes to both. They are premium products, and you will like how versatile and powerful they can be. The Galaxy buds pro case and the AirPods case are versatile and just great to use. At the same time, the audio quality is second to none. They are both rather expensive, but in the end, it’s worth the money for sure. You just need to figure out which one fits your budget and smartphone platform to get the most functionality!

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