How to install VestaCP on Debian 10 (HestiaCP)

If you are here, you probably know the fact that there is no official VestaCP release for Debian 10. VestaCP project is seems to be dead according to this thread, where a user ask whether VestaCP project is dead. So we might not see a VestaCP for Debian 10 release.

So I searched for other free alternatives out there like VestaCP and I found few good alternatives. First one I came up with is myVesta. However after a little bit more research, I found HestiaCP. It’s a fork of VestaCP like myVesta. After using HestiaCP, I felt that it is doing a great job.

HestiaCP is available for Debian 9, Debian 10, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Here is features of HestiaCP which made me impressive about HestiaCP.

  • Let’s Encrypt SSL support with wildcard certificates
  • One-click software installer (including WordPress and Laravel)
  • Minimalistic Admin Dashboard
HestiaCP Dashboard
HestiaCP Dashboard

HestiaCP does have a well written documentation on their website,

Now you may have a better idea why I chose HestiaCP as the best VestaCP fork alternative for Debian.

Install HestiaCP

HestaCP is very easy to setup on any Virtual Private Server running supported Operation System. They have installation script which does everything for us. So we don’t need to handle everything one by one. The script is hosted on their GitHub Repository and here I am using their script to install HestiaCP.

First you need to log into your VPS

ssh root@YOUR_SEVER_IP

NOTE: You need root permission of the VPS to install HestiaCP.

STEP 2: Download installation script using wget


STEP 3: Run the script


During the installation, script asks for a email address and a hostname

  _   _           _   _        ____ ____
 | | | | ___  ___| |_(_) __ _ / ___|  _ \
 | |_| |/ _ \/ __| __| |/ _` | |   | |_) |
 |  _  |  __/\__ \ |_| | (_| | |___|  __/
 |_| |_|\___||___/\__|_|\__,_|\____|_|

                      Hestia Control Panel


The following server components will be installed on your system:

   - NGINX Web / Proxy Server
   - Apache Web Server (as backend)
   - PHP-FPM Application Server
   - Bind DNS Server
   - Exim Mail Server + ClamAV + SpamAssassin
   - Dovecot POP3/IMAP Server
   - MariaDB Database Server
   - Vsftpd FTP Server
   - Firewall (Iptables) + Fail2Ban Access Monitor


Would you like to continue with the installation? [Y/N]: y <-- Type y or Y to confirm the installation
Please enter admin email address: YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS
Please enter FQDN hostname []: YOUR_SERVER_HOSTNAME

Wait for the script setting up HestiaCP environment. This can take up to 15 minutes and depends on your configurations.

After completing installation, the script output the username and password along with the url to admin dashboard to the terminal. It also sends an email to the given email.

Do you mind to install HestiaCP on your server? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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