iPhone vs Android: Which is better in 2021?

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If you’re looking to buy a smartphone in 2021, then your choice is either an iPhone or any of the many Android devices. Both of these are great ecosystems, and they come with their pros and cons. But you have to wonder, which is the better option for you? In this article, we will study the benefits and downsides of those platforms based on specific criteria. Then you will find it easier to figure out which wins in the iPhone vs Android 2021 battle. Let’s summarise “iPhone vs Android: Which is better in 2021?”

iPhone vs Android: Market Share

Android has an 86.1% market share according to the latest data, whereas the iOS platform has only 13.9%. Android has managed to grow by 1% when compared to the previous year. However, the iOS platform has a few phones, whereas Android has a vast range of manufacturers under the same umbrella. As a phone manufacturer, Apple gets many sales, while the Android market share is split between multiple different manufacturers.

Why is Android better in 2021?

Samsung S20 and S20+
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One of the core advantages of Android is that you have a lot of customization. iPhones are hard to customize, but Android offers a vast range of customizability features. That’s especially true for the Operating System, privacy features, and security options, among others.

An Android phone also has expandable storage via SD cards. You can add up to 1TB or even more sometimes as extra storage. As you know, iPhones don’t have any expandable storage. One thing to note here is that Galaxy S21 removed the SD card support, but most Android phones have it. Then there’s the headphone jack, while the iPhone removed it a few years ago, many Android models still have that.

Moreover, it’s important to note that Android phones tend to have unrestricted access to the OS. There’s also more hardware available, and you don’t need a phone from the past year or two to get USB type C charging. Another thing to note is that Android phones tend to have more processing power, a better processor, and also more RAM. They also deliver a much better photo-taking experience; some phones have a 40 MP or even 60 MP camera, while iPhones are limited here.

Android is also known for the fact that it delivers better file management. Apple doesn’t like people to mess with phone and app files, but Android makes that a lot easier. Plus, you are not locked to an ecosystem, which can be a problem for iPhone users. Lastly, Android phones tend to depreciate faster when compared to an iPhone. What that means is that you can get a flagship-like device at a low price if you want for a while.

Why is an iPhone better in 2021?

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Some people buy an iPhone because their friends are already a part of the Apple ecosystem. On top of that, another reason is that the operating system itself is created specifically for these phones, unlike Android. That means there’s better performance and the OS itself is more user-friendly.

In addition, iPhones are known for having better security. Apple monitors the App Store, and they verify every app uploaded there. As a result, every app is checked for malicious code, privacy concerns, and many others. The vetting process adds enhanced security, and that means people are safer this way. iPhones also tend to have more augmented reality features, with Apple working hard to conquer this field. The privacy label added by iOS 14 is a good example because iOS users get to see what the app tracks, what data it can access, and so on. You even get to see what’s anonymized and what’s not.

Aside from that, iPhone has many native features that can’t be found on other phones. That adds to the appeal of the Apple ecosystem. Then there’s also the fact you get more frequent updates. All supported phones get updates at once, while Android users can wait a while since updates are sent only to specific manufacturers and for certain phone models at first.

Since the OS is very well optimized, iPhone is ideal for games and even for multi-tasking. On top of that, you have a single manufacturer, Apple. That means you get much better customer service and there’s also a dedicated warranty program. iOS 14.4 is out now!

iPhone vs Android: Which is better in 2021?

In recent years, both the iPhone and Android flagships have been almost identical regarding features. As a result, the little things tend to be the ones that stand out. If you want expandable storage, more customizability, and many different models to choose from, then Android is the better option. But if you are more focused on things like a better interface, more cohesive operating system, and faster updates, you may want to go with an iPhone. It’s essential to study both options before you pick one, as they might both have what you are interested in.

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