Is iPhone 12 worth buying? Everything you need to know

Iphone 12

The iPhone 12 is out for multiple months now, and we also have numerous options like the Samsung S21 on the market as well. That means there are all kinds of alternatives to the iPhone 12 already. Should you get the iPhone 12, Samsung S21, or maybe any other model? It all comes down to your personal preferences, but the truth is that iPhone 12 is still a great contender, based on our review. Let’s see if the iPhone 12 is worth buying.


One of the core advantages for iPhone 12 is the hardware and also the way it blends with its software. You have a perfect set of dimensions, which make it versatile and also easy to wear. The 6.1” display is large enough and the 460 ppi are more than enough for more users. You have IP68 water resistance like the previous iPhone models too, which is an excellent thing.

The iPhone 12 colors are vibrant, Apple always does a perfect job at making sure the display looks and feels amazing. The rear cameras have 12 MP each, and the front camera is also 12 MP. This is outshined by other companies that have much higher resolution cameras. Yet for some reason, visuals are very impressive, and the iPhone 12 colors from the camera are very bright and natural.

When it comes to storage, you have anywhere from 64, 128 and 256 GB. The lack of any expansion storage means you always need to take your storage needs into account. Most of the time, 256 GB will be the recommended option to consider if you end up storing lots of photos and images.

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Is iPhone 12 worth buying over iPhone 11?

That depends on what you expect from it. The phone has a very good OLED tech, not an LCD screen like the previous model. OLED delivers brighter colors, which is a great option. iPhone 12 also implements new AR tech, which matters if you use AR apps and games. The new model also has a smaller footprint, not to mention the front of the phone is made from a much tougher glass, which delivers 4x the drop protection the previous model has. Unfortunately, the refresh rate is still 60 Hz, other options like the Samsung S21 offer better results.

We do like the fact that there are numerous other options like the iPhone 12 Mini, but that seems to not be as successful. People tend to be more dependent on the larger phones now. It’s great because you have faster scrolling, great video playback, and many other exciting features.

Is the iPhone 12 better?

The processor is faster than the previous one, the battery also got slight improvements, and the phone itself is more durable. If you can find the previous version very cheap, then you can go with that. However, the new improvements are exciting. Granted, some phones like the Samsung S21 deliver significant improvements over the iPhone, but if you want to stick to iOS, this is the best iPhone yet.

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