Is Spotify Premium worth it?

Why Spotify Premium is worth it

Spotify is a leading music streaming platform that provides a wide range of songs, playlists, and podcasts. There are free and paid versions of Spotify. You can sign up and start listening without any charge from Spotify free but there are many limits to your listening experience in the free version. Because of that reason, a noticeable percentage of Spotify users buy premium subscriptions. Let’s talk about what are the Benefits of having a Spotify premium and what is it worth.

Is Spotify Premium worth it? The answer is Yes. Why Spotify premium worth it?

These are the best features of Spotify premium.

Unlimited skips and play what you want

In the free version of Spotify, there are limits to music controls. There is a limit to skip and shuffle play is the only option to play an album or playlist. You can’t select a song to play from a playlist and repeat any song. But in Spotify premium, there isn’t any limit to your controls. You can play, repeat or skip any song. This is a big reason to buy Spotify premium because people want to get a personalized music experience that different from a radio session.

Spotify music skip
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Ad-free music

Spotify free contains ads while you listening to the music. The only way to skip those ads is by buying a premium subscription. This is a very big reason to buy Spotify premium because people don’t like to listen to music like from a radio program from a streaming app.

For listen to the latest music

Some new release songs don’t come to free Version up to two weeks of release. This doesn’t apply to all songs. If you are a big fan of music who is waiting for new releases, Spotify premium worth it for you. If you looking for old hits this isn’t a reason to buy Spotify premium.

New Release Spotify

Download and Go

When you away from the internet connection, you can’t play songs on Spotify for free. You can’t download music in the free version of Spotify. In Spotify premium, you can download any song by playlist or album. You can download music from high quality in Spotify premium. This is very useful when we travel by a public transport service or away from the home Wi-Fi. This is one of the main reasons to buy Spotify premium.

Spotify Premium Downloads

Better sound quality

People care about the quality of content that they looking for. Spotify Premium offers you high-quality music. The highest bit rate of Spotify premium is 320 kbps. But Spotify free delivers you sounds from only 160 kbps on Mobile and 128 kbps on desktop. You can change the quality of your sound between four options in Spotify premium. If you have a good headphone or speaker, Spotify premium is the best and valuable option for you.

Spotify Premium High Quality

Is Spotify Premium worth it?

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If you had a problem that is Spotify premium worth it for 9.99 USD, now you have an idea what you going to pay for.

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