Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs S20 Ultra

S21 Ultra vs. S20 Ultra

The S21 price and, more specifically, the Galaxy S21 Ultra pricing is very high. This is why you have to wonder, should you go for an S20 instead of the newer generation? Are the changes that they made to this a good option or not? The truth is that S21 brings in some significant improvement. But are those worth the price point, where you can get the S20 cheaper? Let’s find out about Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Studying the specs

Right from the start, the S21 Ultra is smaller, as the previous model was 6.9″, this one is 6.8″. It uses the same AMOLED tech as last year, exact resolution, and still 120 Hz. On top of that, it has the same variants with 12 and 16 GB of RAM. Even the storage options remain the same, so you have 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB, based on your needs. The processor is Snapdragon 888, whereas the previous version had the 865. One of the main changes in the S21 specs is the lack of a Micro SD slot. This is undoubtedly a downside since you can’t expand your storage, regardless of how much you have. The S21 camera is almost identical; the rear cameras are similar too, with a 108 MP wide camera as the forefront. Then there’s the 10 MP telephoto with 3x zoom and 10 MP with 10x zoom.

The battery size remains the same, 5000 mAh, which is actually an excellent option to consider. This unit, just like S20 is also 5G ready, however, it’s important to note that it has 8.04 ounces. So it’s a bit heavier when compared to the 7.7 ounce S20. It does have multiple colors, which makes it incredibly interesting and more versatile for users.


The pricing is better this time around since the S21 Ultra costs $1199, whereas the S20 Ultra was $1399. However, the previous generation is at under $1000 in many regions, and as you can see, the stats are very similar to one another. The S21 camera has some improvements, and its layout is excellent. The display itself is better, more dynamic, and the colors are awe-inspiring. You can also scale from 120 Hz to lower Hz values, which will help you save battery life. It’s also brighter than the predecessor, so you get plenty of exciting features and ideas. There’s all of that, while still accessing a very immersive experience.

S21 Ultra vs S20 Ultra: Conclusion

Is the S21 Ultra a better option now when compared to the predecessor? There are some great features here like the S pen’s inclusion, so you have a lot more versatility. The performance is better thanks to the extremely powerful Snapdragon 888. This is the best mobile processor on the market right now. The lack of a Micro SD card is certainly bad since it pushes you towards the more expensive option with 512 GB of storage. The S21 Ultra stands out of the crowd with its performance. While it adds some great features, it also removes some, so you have to check the feature list and see if it’s something you need!

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