Spotify Family Plan Cost and Benefits: Premium for $2.50

Spotify family cost

In 2014, Spotify officially introduced its Premium Family plan. Since then, it has changed a lot. In this article, we are going to talk about the Spotify Family plan cost and benefits of a Spotify Premium Family.

  • At the time of its launch, you must pay the same price for two users as now pay for six users.

What is the Spotify Family plan?

There are four subscription options to access Spotify premium. Premium Family is the cheapest way to get Spotify premium.

  • The Family plan allows up to six users to access premium.
  • Each user can maintain separate accounts.
  • Spotify algorithm creates Family Mix playlists.

In 2019, Spotify added some new features to their family plan. They are,

  • Parental controls
  • New playlists
  • Better account management
    • Ability to add/remove members
    • Ability to update home address
Spotify family plan

Spotify Kids is exclusively available with your Spotify Premium Family subscription.

Premium features that Spotify offers for their users

  • Unlimited skips and play what you want
  • Ad-free music
  • Listen to the latest music
  • Download and Go
  • Better sound quality

Click on the link below to read our article about Spotify premium features!

Is Spotify Premium worth it?

Spotify Family Plan Availability

All premium plans including Premium Family are available in all the countries that Spotify available.

How much do Spotify Family Plan costs

Spotify family plan costs US $14.99/ £14.99/ AU $14.99 . The family plan brings premium access to six persons who live at the same address.

  • The Family plans of Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, and Tidal are the same with this price.
Spotify Pricing
Spotify Price List

Now you understand why the Family plan is the cheapest way to get Spotify premium. Individual premium plan costs US $9.99 and it is just for one user. But the Spotify Family plan cost is only US $14.99 and just US $2.50 is the cost per person. The full price must be paid by the owner of the family account.

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