Spotify sleep timer: learn how to set and save battery

Spotify sleep timer 2021

In 2019, Spotify added a built-in sleep timer to their mobile app. Unfortunately, the sleep timer feature only available in iOS and Android apps and isn’t available in Desktop or TV apps.

  • Spotify sleep timer allows you to choose a time amount to stop music automatically.
  • Sleep timer helps a lot to save your phone’s battery.
  • It is very useful to stop battery drain overnight after you fall asleep.

Are you have a habit to listen to your sleeping playlist before close your eyes? What will happen after few minutes? When you fall asleep, you won’t try to open your eyes again and turn off the music. As a result of this, when you get up the next morning, your phone will be turned off because of a low battery.

Let’s see how to solve this using Spotify sleep timer

Set a sleep timer is a good idea to stop unnecessary battery drain overnight. Not only overnight, If you are used to sleeping during the day, in one afternoon.

How to set a sleep timer on Spotify

This feature only available in the mobile app as mentioned above.

  1. Play anything you want.
  2. Go to the media player.
  3. Tap on “…” located in the right-top corner of the screen.
Spotify sleep timer
  1. Scroll down and Tap “Sleep timer”.
Sleep timer
  1. Select a time limit to play before Spotify automatically stops the music.
Spotify timer
  1. A new option was added in the new update of Spotify to stop the music after the end of playing track.

Music will be stopped after the selected time in the last step.

  • If you are playing a podcast, you will notice the sleep timer button had been moved out to the media player. Also, you can select a time limit or select the end of the episode to stop the podcast.

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