The Easiest way to download Youtube Videos (in 2021)

The Easiest way to download Youtube Videos

Running out of time? We have got you covered! YouTube Video Downloader Browser Extension is the easiest method I figured to download youtube videos. This extension is available to install in Chrome, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi, and UCBrowser. More on how to install and use this extension is in the article.

YouTube Video Downloader Browser Extension
YouTube Video Downloader Browser Extension

Safari or Firefox user? Or doesn’t mind to install an extension? Let’s move on.

Youtube is a video-sharing platform where content creators can upload their videos. According to Statista, more than 500 hours of content are uploaded to Youtube every minute. That’s a huge number! There is a wide variety of content available to watch on Youtube including Songs and Films. So is it legal to download Youtube videos?

In my perspective of view, it’s not. The reason why I say so is, Youtube doesn’t provide any official download method, other than the download option available in mobile app, if subscribed to Youtube Premium. Even those downloaded content are only viewable in Youtube app itself. However if you download videos just for offline and make no commercial use of them, you are probably fine!

But we must consider the fact that there are content creators who make a living through creating content for Youtube. Youtube pay for them by showing ads on their videos, but if you choose to download their videos, that means no ads, so no money for them! However if you must want to download the video, we are here to help!

There are various types of tools to download Youtube videos; Browser extensions and websites are two of them which I am going through in this article.

Download Youtube Videos using Websites

You can find dozens of websites to download youtube videos just by googling. These 2 websites are the best of them I met, in terms of,

  • Availability of HD/4K Downloads
  • User Interface
  • Audio only Download


This is a very popular website. Instead of going to and pasting the video URL, you can just type “ss” in front of the youtube video URL in the address while watching the video you want to download. This allows you to download videos up to 720p through the website. SaveFromNet also offers a Helper Browser Extension which saves extra steps.

SS Youtube
SS Youtube
Download Youtube Videos from SaveFromNet

A simple but feature-rich youtube downloader. Just paste the video URL in the box and that’s it. supports up to 1080p and also audio-only.

Download Youtube Videos from

Download Youtube Videos using Browser Extensions

This is my favorite way of downloading videos. Extensions make this so easier as it adapts to the browser. Addoncrop’s Youtube Video Downloader is what I use.


You may already know that Google owns Chrome. So Google make no room for Youtube Downloaders in their Chrome Extension Store. So we have to manually install these extensions by enabling developer mode. However that is not much difficult.

YouTube Video Downloader Browser Extension on Youtube

As the methods of downloading youtube videos get regularly changed, this article will always keep up to date.

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