The new Galaxy SmartTag+: The best way to find lost items

Galaxy SmartTag+

Samsung Electronics today introduced the new Galaxy SmartTag+, which will be out on April 16 for $39.99. The Galaxy SmartTag+ is equipped with both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-WideBand (UWB) technology. The combination of those technologies helps to pinpoint the location with greater accuracy. Especially, this comes with Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which guides you towards where the missing item is located using the camera of your smartphone.

Find your Galaxy SmartTag+ easily

Samsung released the galaxy SmartTag on January 29th and the galaxy SmartTag+ is the latest version of it. You can attach this SmartTag to everyday items such as backpacks and keys. After that, the location of the tag will be displayed through the SmartThings Find service on your Galaxy device.

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Follow the path (AR Finder Technology)

Because Galaxy SmartTag+ comes with BLE and UWB technologies, it has AR technology to find missing items. It navigates you to the location of the missing item with an easy-to-follow interface in AR Finder. To work with this feature, the Galaxy device should have UWB technology. So this feature work in UWB enabled devices such as Galaxy Note20 Ultra, Galaxy S21+, GAlaxy S21 Ultra, and GAlaxy Z Fold2. Simply the meaning of AR Finder is, it shows the direction to the SmartTag. Once you are closer to the tag`s location, you have ability to produce a loud ring in SmartTag. So you can easily get back your missed item without any trouble.

Find Galaxy SmartTag+, even when it`s far away

The good thing is, you can find your misplaced item even if you are very far away from it. If you report your tag as missing to the SmartThings Find service, nearby Galaxy devices will notice that. The SmartThing server will easily identify your tag because SmartTags use BLE connectivity and the power of the Galaxy device network. So you will receive a notification about its location. You don`t need to worry about privacy because all data in SmartThing Find is encrypted and fully secured. So no one knows the location of the tag except you.

Galaxy SmartTag+
Photo from Samsung Newsroom

Use Galaxy SmarTag+ as a remote

The most common use of SmartTag and SmartTag+ is to locate lost items using the location of the tag. Other than that, it can use as a remote control to do some activities such as turn off lamps if you are not in the house. However, to do that, the tag must be within the Bluetooth range of your Galaxy device. You can do different functions with the tag when you press or hold down the SmartTag button.

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