Use dual WhatsApp in one phone: The easy guide

Use two WhatsApp in one phone: without any third-party app

Everyone knows that when we have already installed an app on the same device through the Google Play Store, we can not reinstall that app. However, sometimes applications installed on our devices need to be cloned for a variety of reasons. Many users want to clone social media apps on their devices. The reason is, they want to use more than a single account in those apps. However, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, and Twitter allow you to use more than one account in the same app. Unfortunately, this multi-accounts feature does not exist in WhatsApp. Therefore, many users install third-party apps to clone the app they want. The good news is that you can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone using the Dual WhatsApp feature, without any third-party clone app.

Before cloning, let`s talk about an important topic.

Can we trust third-party cloning applications?

Simply put, we cannot be 100% sure about the third-party applications used for application cloning. By the way, there are some well-known third-party cloning apps that we can trust a little more. However, those apps cause faster battery drain, extra RAM, and background data usage. But with this method, we don`t need any other third-party application to enable the Dual WhatsApp feature.

Let’s see how to use Dual WhatsApp feature

Now we are ready to clone WhatsApp without using any third-party app.

(Note: With these easy steps, you can clone not only WhatsApp but any social media app.)

01. Open Settings app

Open settings app on your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A10s Settings app
Device manufacturer: Samsung | Operating system: Android

02. Go to Advanced features and then tap on Dual Messenger

(Note: The name of this feature may differ from smartphone brand)

Xiaomi : Settings > Apps > Dual apps

Vivo : Settings > Applications and Permissions > App Clone

LG : Settings > General > Dual App

Oppo : Settings > Advanced features > Dual Messenger

03. Choose WhatsApp from the Application list

Select WhatsApp from Dual Messenger list
Device manufacturer: Samsung | Operating system: Android

If you want to use separate contact list for your new WhatsApp, turn on this feature.

Dual Messenger Separate contact list
Device manufacturer: Samsung | Operating system: Android

04. Now install the second copy of WhatsApp.

Install second copy using Dual WhatsApp feature
Device manufacturer: Samsung | Operating system: Android

After the installation you are ready to use the newest copy of WhatsApp. Enjoy.

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