What is Spotify Private Session? How to enable?

Spotify Private Session

Spotify is a place with about 300 million people. Anyone can see anyone’s activities there. Social Sharing is a very big reason to people love Spotify. Spotify offers so many social features for you. According to people’s reactions, they are very close to people and people love them. But one day if you want to listen without anyone’s eyes, how do you do that? Spotify Private Session is the answer for that. You can hide your activities from your followers using this feature. Let’s talk more about Private Sessions in Spotify and see how to turn on that.

What is Spotify Private Session?

Private Session is a feature that allows you to browse and listen anonymously. This acts like an Incognito tab in a web browser. By default, your followers can see what you are listening to in their friends’ activity feed. Also, you can connect Spotify to Facebook, and friends in there can see your listening activities too. A private session can hide your activities from other persons. They can’t see your activities in their friends’ feed anymore when you are in a private session. Songs that you listen to during a private session aren’t included in Spotify algorithms. This means Spotify doesn’t recommend songs or create your daily, weekly mixes based on listening history in a private session. This is a good promise for your privacy.

How to start a Private Session on Spotify?

Let’s see how to enable a Private Session on Spotify step by step.

Mobile app

  • Open the Spotify app.
  • Tap on the settings icon in the Home tab.
  • Turn “Private Session” on under the Social category.
Spotify private session

Now you are in full privacy.

Desktop app

  • Open the Spotify app.
  • Click the down arrow next to your name.
Spotify private session Desktop
  • Click “Private Session”.
Spotify private sessions

The color of the “Private Session” changes to green and a lock symbol appears over your profile picture.

Private sessions spotify

Also, you can turn on Private Session in the settings in the desktop app.

Private session on Spotify desktop

Keep in mind these settings will be reset after 6 hours without Spotify usage.

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