What is Spotify Social Listening and How to Start

Spotify social listening

Spotify introduced a new social feature called Group Listening Session that allows listening together up to five people. Currently this feature only available for premium users. Spotify social session is still in beta testing. Features can be changed in the future.

What is Spotify Social Listening Session

Spotify group session creates a listening party that allows up to five people to join. Every member in the party can change music, add or remove songs from the queue and change the order. That means there is a shared queue when you’re in a listening session.

Benefits of Spotify Social Listening Session

  • Feels like you’re at a party with your homies when you are away with them physically
  • Share your music taste with others and get to know about their taste
  • Everyone can add their favorite songs to the queue
  • You can play your favorite song with friends and see what your friends’ reaction to it
  • Get know what your friends are listening to usually

How to start a social session

Note: this feature only available for Premium users. Is Spotify premium worth it?

  • Play something
  • Got to the media player
  • Tap on the icon where can be found at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap Star Session under Start a group Session

Now a listening party is started. To invite friends,

    • Share with any messaging or social app
    • Copy the link and share your own way
    • Share the Spotify code which they can scan to join
Spotify social listening

How to join another ones’ social session

  • Click on the link that you received from the host.
  • Or scan the Spotify code you received.
Spotify social session

There will be displayed two options to choose

  • Listen on their own device
  • Listen on your device (and control it from their device)
Spotify social listen

How to leave or end a session

  • If you are a member of another one’s group session, tap LEAVE SESSION.
  • If you started the session, tap END SESSION.

You can’t leave from the session that you started without ending that.

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