Why iPhone Battery drains fast on iOS 14?

iPhone Battery Drains Fast iOS 14

First, I want to say it’s a common thing that drains the battery so much after a major software update. Also, it’s a common thing to iOS 14. Many people asked why the iPhone battery drains fast in iOS 14? I also saw many articles about the iPhone battery drains fast iOS 14. After upgrading to any major software version, it will perform so many background tasks and more activities. This may drain some battery life more than the average size. These Background tasks are very important to make your iPhone better and you can’t skip those if you update to the iOS 14. So, the only way to save your battery is to manage your activities well. I will share some tips that I had experienced personally and worked well. I could use my iPhone all day from a single charge by using these methods and they will help you too.

Leave your iPhone for a couple of hours

As I say above there are many background tasks to run after a major software update. So, let it do its work alone. If you are not a night owl, I think you don’t use your iPhone overnight. So, let plug in your phone and connect to the internet and leave it. This way allows your iPhone to complete its background tasks. Sometimes you should repeat this for a couple of days but it actually gives good results.

Install Software/ App updates

Usually, apple release some security updates after a major software update. They will help to fix bugs like fast battery draining, performance problems, etc. By updating to the latest version of iOS helps you to solve so many problems and the most important thing is that way is an official solution gives by apple.

To check for software updates, go to Settings -> General -> Software Updates and if any update is available, you can install it by tapping ‘Download and Install”.

Update all the app updates after upgrading to iOS 14 is a very important thing. App publishers give updates for their apps to work properly and smarter on the new OS. You may install these updates to make your iPhone works properly. This way helps you too to solve the battery draining problem in iOS 14.

You can simply update all the apps that have an update available from App Store -> Apple ID and tap on ‘Update all’.

Close unwanted and battery draining apps

When you open an app and go back to the home screen, the app runs in the background. It drains some battery even it is not using. Close them to save your battery. Now you can what apps consumed your iPhone’s battery most within the last 24 hours. You can see what apps are consuming your battery most in there and you can close them. Social media, Video Streaming services, Games are some of the most Battery draining apps. So you can close them after use if are you facing a big problem with battery life.

You can view the battery usage of your apps by tapping Settings -> Battery.

iPhone battery drains fast: iPhone Battery Usage
Battery Usage

Turn on Low Power Mode and Reduce screen brightness

Turn on Low Power Mode and Reduce screen brightness.

You can see a better battery performance by turning on the Low Power Mode. If you had turned on the Low Power Mode, you can see the battery icon from yellow. It’s a good idea that turns on Low Power Mode at all times if you using an older iPhone. You can simply turn on this feature by tapping the battery icon in the control panel.

Reducing brightness always helps to optimize battery life. You can control the brightness level from the control panel too.

Extra Tip

You can find apps that using location access by tapping Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and disable locations service for apps that no longer need.

iPhone battery drains fast: iPhone Location Services
Location Services

After trying these tips, you can notice an improvement in your battery life. I think this article helps you to solve your iOS 14 battery draining problems. So my wish is you will never ask that why the iPhone battery drains fast in iOS 14.

Drop a comment, if you find another tip for solve that.

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