YouTube Music Premium vs Free: Is it worth to upgrade?

In 2015, Google announced YouTube music. For five years YouTube music is still upgrading and now it can compete with other leading music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Youtube Music officially took the place of Google Play Music and now it is the primary and only pre-installed application for music streaming in Android. YouTube Music offers a free plan with lots of limits just like Spotify. In this article, we are going to compare YouTube Music Premium vs Free. Let’s see what are the premium features they offer and decide is it worth upgrading to YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube Music Premium Features

Note: YouTube Premium comes with YouTube Music Premium. All the Music Premium features mentioned below also comes with YouTube Premium.

Listen in the background

You can play music when the screen is locked or use another app.

Ad-free music

Listen to any song without an ad. Your listening experience has no limits.

Download and go

Download any track, playlist, or album you want. Don’t worry when you away from WiFi.

YouTube Music Premium Pricing

YouTube Music Premium Individual plan costs US $9.99 and the Family plan costs US $14.99. Up to 5 people can access Music Premium from Family Plan. YouTube Music discounted plans available for students and it costs the US $4.99.

YouTube Premium Pricing

As mentioned above, YouTube Premium also comes with YouTube Music Premium. Besides, let’s see the pricing of YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium Individual – US $11.99

YouTube Premium Family – US $17.99

YouTube Premium Student – US $6.99

If you plan to go YouTube Premium

YouTube Music Premium plan costs US $9.99 and YouTube Premium costs US $11.99. This is a difference of only US $2.00. If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you can access all the YouTube Premium features like background play, download, and also access YouTube Music Premium. If you want YouTube Premium features too, upgrading to YouTube Premium is the better idea.

Is it worth upgrading to YouTube Music Premium?

When talking about music streaming services, they mainly focus to earn from subscriptions. Because of that, they set many limits to the users who access their services without any payment. So you must face those restrictions if you use the free version. Listening to music with ads is just like a radio program. You cannot do anything. You must watch an ad before play any song. You can’t lock your phone or move out from the YouTube music app while playing. If the app is minimized, music will be paused.

Internet connection is required for all the times when you continue listening because you can’t download songs. So these things drain your battery too fast and eat lots of data from your data plan.

YouTube music premium

What do I choose from YouTube Music Premium vs Free? Finally, we can say this. If you spend more time with music, upgrading to YouTube Music Premium is worth it for you. If you don’t listen to music too much, you can continue the free plan. Keep in mind that the Premium plan costs US $9.99 and If you don’t live with music too much, don’t waste your money for a few minutes of listening.

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